REACHROBO A Virtual Accounting Chatbot

Welcome to wherever you are! Thanks for landing here as we got an exciting news to share with you today on the 1st of Oct 2016.

Let’s introduce ourselves first.

We Reach Accountant are a software as a service provider, offering cloud-based Accounting solutions to businesses and are based in Bristol, UK. We proudly unveil and introduce our Accounting Chatbot ReachRobo in the UK today also in Asia by Reach and its partners. ReachRobo is going to be your Virtual Accountant henceforth and will change the way you’ve been doing accounting in the past.

No generation in the history is more privileged than we are today experiencing the wonders of Science and Technology and indeed it has made our lives so comfortable and easy to an unbelievable extent that the world has shrunk so small in the palm of our hands. No one dares denying it otherwise.

Reach, being in the Accounting industry for a reasonable period of time, knew something needs to be done to change the way it’s been practiced in the past and the change has come in the form of a Virtual Accountant once again thanks to Modern Technologies and the Platforms it lay for service industries to leverage. We as Reach Accountant grabbed the opportunity with both hands to offer effectively efficient, trendy and cutting-edge services to our valuable customers.

The result, here we are ahead of the curve, introducing the beta ReachRobo Accounting Chatbot available currently on Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is while you’re on the Facebook Messenger search for ReachRobo and say Hi to him or from our website and explore the services he can offer like handling your income, expenses and also give receipts for you to download.

Please don’t forget to give us your feedback to work on so we can improve and fine tune so he can offer clinical and high quality services.

For other information on Features, Who can use and Pricing please visit our website.

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