Our Team


Robin Moses

Chief Executive

Robin is a Chartered Accountant bitten by the entreprenureship bug. Having spent a few years after college running a food and distribution business, He moved to the tax and accounting domain soon after he became a qualified accountant. He set-up Reach Tax to offer Retail Tax Preparation Services in 2005 and set-up Reach Accountant in 2007. Robin is the brains behind the software, and leads the Training, Customer Success and User creation initiatives.


Rajan Anandan

Investor and Director

Rajan is an active investor in technology companies and is also a Vice President with Google, Inc. In his current role Rajan is the Managing Director of Google India. As an investor Rajan has a passion for saas companies and is an early investor and board member of ReachERP. He works closely with the Reach ERP team in many areas including product, sales, marketing and partnerships.


Jasmine Edwin Emerson

Partner for Reach in UK

Jasmine has worked in the healthcare sector for more than a decade in the UK and embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with an online-retail startup in 2011. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, social media management and philanthropy. With her varied work experiences, right blend of skills and knowledge about startups, business management, accounting, online marketing and social media management she is determined to take our brand to the next level on the global stage as our Partner & CEO of Reach UK.